All shipments are FOB from out store in Huntsville, Alabama. (35801)
Orders received by 12 PM CST normally ship same day excluding back ordered items, weekends and shipping holidays. Orders placed on a weekend or shipping holiday will ship the next business day.
Shipping times will be carrier dependent:
US Postal Service

Delivery Policy

Customers authorize the carrier to leave a package at the destination delivery address without obtaining a signature if the carrier driver deems the location to be safe. Customers who are not able to locate a package that is claimed as delivered must follow the instructions for filing a claim for "Incorrect Delivery Claims and Lost Package Claims” listed below.

A refused shipment occurs when the customer refuses to accept the package during a delivery attempt. Customers who refuse delivery in place of contacting World Conspiracy to obtain proper return instructions may be assessed a fee to cover return shipping and labor charges. This cost will be passed along to the customer in the form of a deduction from the total refund due to the customer. In addition, refused shipments may be considered an unauthorized return and subject to the policies thereof.

Claims Policy

All purchases from the Website are made pursuant to a shipment contract. As a result, risk of loss and title for items purchased from the Website pass to you upon delivery of the items to the third party carrier. You are responsible for filing any claims with the applicable carrier for any damaged and/or lost shipments.   You must also notify World Conspiracy within 5 business days of such a claim.

The U.S Postal Service (USPS) only uses a single claims page - U.S. Postal Service Claims
Where as UPS uses multiples which are listed below.

Visible Damage is defined as any damage to the packaging that is identifiable without opening the package at the time of delivery. Concealed Damage is defined as any damage that is not immediately noticeable at the time the package is opened or when the product is first used. Missing Content is defined as any package that is missing product that the packing slip states is included.

UPS Damaged Package Claims

Incorrect Delivery is defined as any incident where the driver delivers the package to the wrong address or individual. Lost Packages can occur in two ways. First, lost packages can occur when packages are not able to be located within the carrier's network. Second, a package can be considered lost when the carrier claims delivery was completed by leaving the package on the doorstep, but the customer cannot locate the package. Both incorrect delivery and lost package incidents are usually discovered through standard tracking of the package.  No claims will be honored after 30 days from shipment date.

UPS Lost Package Claims

World Conspiracy must be notified directly within 5 days of shipment of any package received where contents are incorrect.
Please contact World Conspiracy at 256-534-3198 or email within header of  "incorrect order fulfillment" to make your claim.